Registration Number Orders

What if I didn’t receive my order?

Please contact us at (305) 479-7800.

I made a mistake with my registration numbers. What do I do?

We can ship new letters to your door within 72 hours. Email us at dan at marinereg.com to get started.

Do you offer refunds or returns?

Absolutely. Send the product back to us within 14 days of purchase. When we receive your returned product, we will refund you, usually within 7 days of receipt.

Ship the product back to us at:

Marine Registration
26100 SW 204 Avenue
Homestead, FL 33130

Where do you ship to and how long does it take?

We ship to all US states. After purchasing your order, most products are received within 48 to 72 hours. In Florida, orders are shipped overnight.

Are these reliable for outdoor use?

Yes. Our vinyl products are guaranteed to last the life of your ownership or we will replace them free of charge.

Can I apply my registration numbers when my vessel surface is wet?

No. Your vessel must be cleaned of any debris and thoroughly dry at time of application. Please see our application tutorial for more details.

Why did I receive 3 sets of registration numbers?

Everyone makes mistakes. That’s why we provide an additional set of your vessel registration numbers at no additional charge. 

What happens if I place them on crooked?

You receive three sets of registration numbers just for this reason.

Can you help me with a custom design or font?

Yes. Please contact us for a custom quote via email at dan at marinereg.com or call us at (305) 479-7800.

How do I contact your company if my question isn’t answered here?

Please email us at dan at marinereg.com. We can typically respond within a few minutes!