DIY Registration Number Application Common Mistakes

Nobody’s perfect, but when you’ve just dropped thousands on your vessel, your registration number display can either be a point of pride or an eyesore in the marina. We gathered a few examples of how a $40 investment in the right materials and a faithful adherence to our application guidelines can really button up the look of your boat, jet ski, or any other watercraft.

Over the past 40 years in the business, we’ve collected some photos of what not to do with your registration numbers.


The Hull of Shame

We aren’t just sharing the “what-not-to-do” photos for entertainment, but truly for education. When we visit marinas to affix new registration numbers for boat owners, we know that shoddy-looking numbers can impact what a potential buyer may think – not only of the vessel in question but of the marina itself. And truly, this fix is so simple!


Peeling Numbers

MarineReg Hull of Shame Peeling Reg Numbers

This classic belongs in the Hull of Shame because who doesn’t feel the urge to reach out and peel them off? The job is halfway done! This may seem funny until a letter or number falls off and you are stopped and either given a stern warning or ticketed. Vessel registration numbers must be clearly visible and intact from a distance. If you’d like more information, please read about Florida’s Vessel Registration laws.


Tiny Numbers

Vessel registration numbers must be 3″ in height. The reason for this requirement is that your registration numbers must be legible at a distance. That’s why always provides 3.25″ high registration numbers. Better safe than sorry!


Mix-and-Match Fonts

While this example may look snazzy to some, it won’t to law enforcement. By creating some solid blocked characters while others appear as outlines with the silver fill, this won’t cut it if you are pulled over. The federal guidelines for vessel registration numbers are clear – keep it legible and simple!


These are just a few examples that we spot on the job. It’s surprising to think how many ways there are to get vessel registration numbers wrong. We know and are fully compliant with the federal laws for vessel registration numbers. From character height, bow placement, approved fonts and colors, and just getting the darn thing on straight, we guarantee we’ll do the job right every time. If you’re ordering outside of Florida, we can’t be there to install your registration numbers, but we do have a handy step-by-step guide. We guarantee that your vessel registration numbers will be the correct size and produced using approved fonts and colors.