How To Apply Your Numbers

Step 1
100% Clean & Dry

Wipe and clean the surface area where your new numbers will be applied to remove any debris, dirt, or wax with the alcohol cloth provided in your Application Kit.

IMPORTANT: Once clean, ensure that the surface where your vessel registration numbers will be applied is absolutely 100% dry. Remove all moisture before continuing.

Cleaning Bow of Boat
MarineReg clean your boat bow first
MarineReg DIY registration number tutorial
Vessel Registration Placement Guidelines

Step 2


Line up where your numbers will be placed on your watercraft.

Step 3
Affix Guide Strip

Remove the pre-cut back paper of the guide strip on your Marine Registration number package and place it in the desired position. Use the squeegee provided to adhere the guide strip.

MarineReg registration number application guide strip

Step 4
Expose Numbers

Once you have verified the numbers are where you want them, fold the numbers down over the guide strip and remove the back paper to reveal the numbers.

MarineReg vessel registration number stencil

Step 5
Affix Numbers

Use the squeegee to SLOWLY push the numbers upwards to stick the numbers in place. Then use the squeegee in a paintbrush left-right motion so your new Marine Registration numbers are firmly affixed to the hull.

MarineReg affixing registration numbers
MarineReg squeegee affixing numbers
MarineReg squeegee affixing vessel registration numbers on boat

Step 6

SLOWLY remove the outer transfer tape by peeling from the top right or left corners to reveal your new Marine Registration vinyl vessel registration numbers.

Remove the guide strip vinyl and you are done! Go out and enjoy your new vessel or jet ski!

MarineReg affixed vessel registration numbers on bow of boat
MarineReg finished registration numbers on boat
MarineReg Finished Vessel Numbers on Boat Bow

Perfect Registration Numbers with a Lifetime Guarantee from Marine Registration!

Once completed, this is how your vessel registration numbers should look!